Search for the pictures, okay? If you really want to, do it. However, don’t go to the extent of harassing Ryan and his wife, because that just makes everyone look bad, and they’ll not be as open with all of us in the future. The pictures aren’t even that important.

Personally, I’d like to see them out of curiosity, but after that I’m not bothered about them anymore.



Ship whatever you want, draw whatever you want, write or rp about whatever you want.

However, as soon as you do something NSFW or inappropriate with Millie Ramsey, you’re disgusting and you need to stop.

Do not draw anything NSFW with her, do not RP or write about her in any shape or form, and do NOT involve her with your shipping. Geoff has asked the RTAH community not to. Respect the Ramseys and leave Millie out of your sick fanfictions and fantasys.


Why Ryan Haywood is the Best

  • *Ice cube let's play, Jack just barely escaped being killed by Gavin by convincing him he did not have any gold blocks, but he actually had one*
  • Gavin: I should start killing more!
  • Michael: Yeah?
  • Gavin: Every time I've killed someone it's been good...
  • Ray: Why do I kill?!
  • Michael: Ryan asks himself that every day.
  • Ryan: No. I know why.